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401KApps & The Future Of Investing

401KApps Is Almost Ready

Those of you who follow my Twitter might remember my thread about 401KApps

Ricky Mason and I put on a 3 month case study with 6 participants to buy some apps and gather the data. Needless to say the model worked so we went straight to creating the prototype.

I Don’t Follow You On Twitter WTH Is 401KApps

My apologies everyone! Let me back up. 401KApps is a new partnership I am working on with Ricky that is a private investment group that buys, holds and sells apps. The apps are bought from the owners (we only buy apps that have a current positive cash flow) and we enhance the applications, increase the marketing and promotion and share the profits. Unlike stocks, bonds, rental property where you get paid once a month, apps make money from day one. Using the app, you can invest in investment pools that are categorized. Each pool will hold 10-15 apps. After the vesting period you can choose to receive your payouts on a daily, weekly, month or yearly basis!

How Is Investing In Apps Smart?

Like I said apps make money daily. In addition to traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, real estate and precious metals I believe it is good to have an investment vehicle that gives you consistent stable cash flow. At one point in my personal life I was living completely off of my app income, which freed my other income to be used how I wish. The apps that we are buying are already complete and have a positive cash flow, by applying the power of group economics the collective can generate a sizable amount of free flowing cash to help enrich their lives.

What Is The Minimum Amount To Invest?

The minimum to invest in an app pool will be $20 with a maximum investment of $10,000. Each investment pool will raise between $30,000 and $250,000. This will allow investors to diversify their exposure to the markets and give newer investors with less capital the opportunity to get into the space.

When Will The App Be Released?

You can currently sign up for the waiting list at but the beta MVP will be available before the end of the year so look for a Xmas gift 😉

Want To Learn How To Code In The Meantime?

Another way to invest into apps is to write one yourself! If you are wanting to learn how to code check out my video course “Intro To Web Development” In it you will learn the basics of web development and get started learning the skills needed to create rock star web applications! Perhaps you are already a coder and want to get started in test driven design? If so check out my course Test Driven Design W/ Laravel and Vue.js. Into web dev but want to switch over to mobile development? Check out Nativescript with my course Nativescript, Vue & Laravel SAAS Master Class

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