About Jyrone Parker

Early Childhood

Jyrone was born in Louisville, KY January 8th, 1992 and is the oldest of 3 children between his mother and father. His father is a honorably discharged Marine veteran who served in Dessert Storm. His mother is a project manager with an I.T. background.

Jyrone has always had a love of learning and of technology. An autodidact, he taught himself programming at the age of 8 by reading an intro to Java college textbook that his mother was using for school at the time. Around age 10 he got involved with hardware and started building PCs with his step father, who lived in Oakland, California and whom Jyrone would go visit every summer. It was the culmination of support from his mother, grandmothers, father and step father that kept Jyrone motivated to continue to master his craft from an early age.

Career and Education

When Jyrone was 14 years old he began his first technology company J Computer Solutions LLC a PC repair and website creation company. By the time he graduated Louisville Male High School in 2010 and went to the University of Kentucky that fall semester Jyrone had well over a dozen clients in the Louisville region. While in college he studied computer science and created several apps and started several ventures while there. He dropped out in 2013 due to many factors, including that his businesses were suffering due to his commitments to schoolwork. He then went on to take a senior level PHP developer contract with Dell Systems in Lexington, KY. From there he moved to the Bay Area to take senior level and lead engineering contracts with: Kabam, Apple and Sephora before returning to Louisville, KY where he currently resides.

Entrepreneurship Endeavors

Since moving back to Louisville, KY Jyrone has been a full-fledged entrepreneur. While still maintaining J Computer Solutions LLC, he is also the  CEO/Owner of Mobisnacks LLC

Jyrone is also a conference speaker with a focus of rapid prototyping, microservices, APIs and PWAs. While he has experience speaking in front of large crowds, particularly out in the west coast, Jyrone plans on facilitating more smaller distributed meetups and speaking events in the Louisville, KY area. With a specific focus on tech exposure for black youth.

In addition, Jyrone also runs a Youtube and podcast channel dedicated to code and tech in general and participates in live streams, interviews and debates. He is very open about who is featured on his platforms and would love to have anyone on who would like to be on.