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Nativescript, Vue & Laravel SAAS Master Class

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Come Be SAASy With Me

Sunday May 12th, 2019 I hosted my second master class focused on Nativescript, Vue and Laravel, this time with a focus on creating SAAS apps. Learn the basics of creating billable APIs and consuming them with your Nativescript application. Grow your fullstack knowledge even more!



SAAS Apps With Nativescript, Vue and Laravel

SAAS (subscription as a service) apps are a $184.6 billion industry and in this master class I will go over how YOU can get in on that action by creating SAAS apps with Nativescript and Vue.js. In this 6 hour master class workshop I go over the following:

  • What is a SAAS app
  • Architecture design of a SAAS app
  • Coding the basis of a SAAS app
  • Testing a SAAS app
  • Creating a billable OAuth API with Laravel Cashier and Laravel Passport
  • Working with the Stripe dashboard

The class will take place Saturday May 12th, 2019 at 11 AM EST – 5 PM EST and the format is a private YouTube live session. All participants will receive a copy of the master class and all the corresponding source code.

What Will Be Created?

I go through process of creating a mobile application that grabs your geolocation and stores it in the cloud for $4.99/mo or for $49/year. The backend is created in Laravel and will all API requests will be locked down behind an OAuth2 server courtesy of Laravel Passport. I also show you how to charge for use of your application using Laravel Cashier and Stripe. The mobile application is created in Nativescript with Vue.js The user can register with their info and credit card or login to an existing account.

2 reviews for Nativescript, Vue & Laravel SAAS Master Class

  1. Arsal Mehran

    The way Jyrone teaches is so fluid, especially since the focus isn’t on the specific technologies used, but more so the overall concepts and goals of the project (which in this case is SAAS apps). He gives a high level overview in the beginning of what the app will be and how it works behind the scenes, which helped me follow along and understand exactly what the backend was doing even though I don’t know any php at all. I also had no experience with SAAS apps in general and didn’t really know where to start, but this was a great introduction that lets you dive in deep and quickly shows you the practical uses for it right away. This is a valuable resource that I’d recommend to anyone, as it ingrains concepts and skills into you so quickly that your head will already be spinning with ideas and ways to apply your new knowledge by the time you’re only halfway through watching.

  2. Randal

    Review for Nativescript, Vue & Laravel SAAS Master Class
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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