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Test Driven Design With Laravel and Vue.js Pt. 1

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Learn test driven design best practices and make your applications sound and robust. Never deploy with worry again knowing that your backend is tested and true. PHPUnit and Laravel play nicely together and it’s about time you learn it!

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Test Driven Design

Is something that most developers shy away from but makes a huge impact on programming efficiency. In my latest video course “Test Driven Design With Laravel and Vue.js Pt.1” I delve into best practices for creating beautiful robust and sound APIs using test driven methodolgies. Maste PHPUnit and make your work sound and scalable through thorough testing.

What Will We Be Building?

A lemonade purchasing application designed for the solo lemonade shack owner. This uses the Stripe API to collect money and is a great starting point for showing how to test and deploy monetized applications using Laravel and Vue.js. The application consists of a single Order microservice that interacts with a Vue.js front end.

What WIll I Get Out Of This?

Most developers don’t write tests because they don’t know how. This course is designed to show you how easy it is to test your applications while also showing you the benefit of doing so. TDD is not exclusive to Laravel or PHP and this course can help any developer get in the mindset of writing proper feature and unit tests.

1 review for Test Driven Design With Laravel and Vue.js Pt. 1

  1. CubeCoder

    The way Jyrone breaks down test driven development concepts is uncanny! Definitely buying more courses from him!

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