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Intro To Web Development Master Class


Get started in the hottest industry with this crash course in web development. In this course we will create a photo editor web application and go over the basics of



– Javascript

and more!

Included In Your Package!

  • Links to the masterclass video course
  • Source code of the application!


Web Development Master Class

The web app we will be creating.For those who are interested in learning how to code and want a crash course in web development I am doing an introductory live stream for you! Learn how to create and style a simple javascript web application that will act as a photo booth, take photos, apply filters and save the photo. The live stream will take place Oct. 13th from 12-4PM EST. Come get started on your code journey! If you cannot make the livestream you can access the download post stream!

A glimpse of what we are creating.

Web  Development Made Simple

In this master class I will show you how the building blocks of web development work by creating an interactive web application. In this series I will cover

  • HTML – The markup language that tells the browser what to render on the page. What you are reading on this screen right now is made from HTML
  • CSS – The language that styles the web, this is primarily what determines what a website looks like.
  • Javascript – The language that powers the interaction of the web. With javascript you can create games, multimedia applications, and more. What’s even better is that javascript can be used outside of the browser, which makes it a very powerful and valuable language to learn.

The application we will be creating is a photo booth app that applies filters and saves the image to the client. Similar to Instagram but much, much simpler. We will first start out with building the elements out with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) the building block of web development. After laying out what out web app is, we will then style it using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) the language that styles HTML. Finally we will add functionality to it using Javascript such as opening our camera, applying WebGL filters and saving to disk. By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently explain the basics of web development while having a tangible project to show off and enhance. Don’t forget to get your git cheatsheet and add your new project to Github!


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