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Create A Point Of Sales System With Laravel, Vue and Stripe – Part 1

What Is A Point Of Sales System?

Creating web apps for the fun of it is cool, but we all need to get paid right?! This new series explores how to create a point of sales system with Laravel, Vue.js and the Stripe API. A point of sales system (or POS) is software solution that allows you to process money. In this case we will use Stripe to process credit/debit cards as well as manage inventory. Using a fullstack Laravel and Vue.js application we can collect money, send invoices and get paid all in one location. By the time this series is over you will have used:

  • Laravel Passport
  • Laravel Socialite
  • Stripe Charge API
  • Stripe Product API
  • Stripe Subscription API

All of the source code is available at In part one I explain what it is we are building today as well as setting up the ground work for the future. Watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and share the video! Lastly don’t forget to check out the live version right here! Now on to part 2.