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How I Wrote And Deployed A Mobile App Using Nativescript & Vue

Nativescript Is Awesome!

Two days ago I put out Relaxing Sounds. RS is a android(soon to be iOS) productivity application that plays various white noise sounds like thunderstorms and ocean waves. I wrote this app using Nativescript and Vue.js in a matter of 3 hours. Now keep in mind:

  1.  This is a simple app.
  2.  I just wanted to get my hands dirty with the core framework and have something to show for it.

I integrated admob and created a free and a pro version with plans to update the application to include a relaxing sounds livestream for 24 hr continuous new calming content. I was blown away by how fast I was able to transition from the DOM to Nativescript XML. If you don’t know anything about Nativescript then check out my blog post about it.

How Did I Write It So Fast?

Well once I understood the Nativescript system (which in itself only took a couple hours to understand and master) it was just a simple matter of how well do I know Vue.js? That’s the beauty of Nativescript! It abstracts the headache of interacting with the native hardware so your mind can stay in a purely web development mode. If you can write a PWA with Vue.js then you can write a truly native mobile application with Vue.js there really isn’t any excuse. Couple Nativescript with Vue.js and Laravel for your backend API and you can be a one man (or woman) code army.

Why Did I Write Relaxing Sounds?

I have always been a fan of using calming distracting audio; Whether it be while I code, sleep, meditate or study. I have downloaded apps in the past that have provided that functionality but for one reason or another I deleted them. So to remedy the problem I just wrote my own application. 

What Are My Future Plans For RS?

Really after my next release to add the livestream I don’t plan on giving it much attention development wise. I will study the analytics and create a marketing campaign if the data says it is worth it. Otherwise it is just another notch on my project belt and I will continue to use for my own personal enjoyment. If you want to support me then please download my application and rate it with comments! If you really enjoy it then I ask that you purchase the pro version for $1.99.

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An Introduction To Nativescript with Vue

What Is Nativescript?

Nativescript is a new javascript framework that allows you to create TRULY native mobile apps using the V8 engine and JavascriptCore engine for Android and iOS respectively. Using Nativescript you can create the mobile app of your dreams using the web technologies you already know and love. 

How Did You Hear About It?

It’s funny actually. Last year I was reading documentation on Laravel’s website and saw an ad for Nativescript. It intrigued me so I decided to click the ad and instantly was glad I did. Although the project looked very promising, the Vue.js integration wasn’t complete yet and I wasn’t interested in going back to Angular so I left it alone. A few months later nativescript-vue was released and I came running back.

What Are The Advantages To Using Nativescript?

  1. Well the first one is that you actually get native performance. This isn’t like Ionic or Cordova where your web app is hosted in a WebView running inside an app container. This is actual transpiled code from web technologies to mobile technologies.
  2. Low learning curve. Since you can develop using Vue and all Vue extensions there is no extra learning curve as far as syntax is concerned. Just setup the environment and you are ready to turn your web applications into native mobile applications. If you want an intro to Vue.js check out my video course.
  3. Extensive marketplace. The Nativescript ecosystem allows developers to create packages and are managed by npm. Easily extend the functionality of your mobile applications.
  4. It’s FREE. Nativescript is free and open source to use for free and commercial use and has an Apache 2 license.

Want A More In Depth Explanation?

Watch my Youtube video and learn more about the power of Nativescript and even start on an example mobile application! Don’t forget to like and share the video and subscribe to my channel!