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Jyrone Parker Live – What Is Coding

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Today Marks An Historic Moment

Today I started my daily live stream on YouTube every day @ 6 PM EST I will spend an hour doing a live talk show. Every day will  be a different focus, some days I will do interviews with tech professionals, somedays I will do live coding sessions so you guys can see what apps I am working on (games too), the rest of the time will be spent doing programming video tutorials. This is not a replacement of my blog, but an extension of it. In today’s episode I went over what it means to code, some of the challenges to being a software developer, some of the rewards of being a software developer, a little about me and what I have going on. No actual coding during this initial pilot episode, that’s all going to change tomorrow, as I go into the basics of web development, setting up the virtual machine environment, learning some basic Linux commands and writing our first PHP program.

From N00b To Artisan

I have been working on my first eBook titled “From N00b To Artisan: Learning Laravel 5.4 With 5 projects” this is a guide for anyone who is new to Laravel (and web development in general) and gets them up to speed. While I am still pursuing this I have decided to give away the video series away for free on my YouTube channel. If you don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I plan on having the eBook finished by the summer.


Not going to lie, this live streaming thing is going to take a minute to get used to! I hope this content helps those who need it the most! Remember your participation during live streams are vital to the content that’s provided tune in EVERY MON-FRI @ 6 PM EST. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, subscribe to my newsletter, and please share it with your friends, family, and colleagues who could use this valuable and free information!