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How To Make Money As A Programmer

Programming Gives You A Unique Skill

Not only can you go work for a company and work your way up to a high six figure salary, but there are a few other ways you can make extra income as a coder. In this article I will explain some of these ways and if you have any I haven’t touched please leave it as a comment!

1) Work A Standard 9-5

This is the obvious option and what most people do. You find a company and either work as a freelancer or full time employee and exchange your time for your money. Nothing wrong with this method, especially since software engineers have such high earning capacity. However there are some other things that you can do to increase your earning potential, some more passive than others.

2) Tutoring

There is a plethora of people who want to learn how to code and you have the knowledge they desire. Personally I do this and have put together packages such as: video game programming, blockchain programming, web apps and mobile apps. You have total control of your schedule and can charge your fair rate. In my opinion this is one of the most lucrative side hustles and even if you just have 1 or 2 students a month it’s a nice chunk of change.

3) Sell Courses

While doing one on one tutoring sessions can be lucrative, it is not scalable! What is scalable is creating your own video or text courses and selling those online! That’s exactly what I do for things such as my Intro To Web Development eCourse. What’s even better is that you can choose to sell the courses on a platform such as Udemy or do it on your own platform (and keep more profit). This tactic can bring you long term residual income off a product you only created one time.

4) Write An App

This of course is probably my favorite! There are few things more rewarding than getting paid for an app that you built with your own grit and own two hands! App money can replace your current income and what’s even better is you can sell your app for a larger lump sum payment. It requires the most time up front but it can definitely make the most money.


There are many ways to make extra money as a programmer outside of a standard 9-5 working shift. If you have more ideas please don’t hesitate to leave them as comments below! If you haven’t checked out or subscribed to my YouTube page head over and do so. I do entrepreneur and engineering videos weekly!