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Jyrone Parker Live – Staying Ready For Entrepreneurial Opportunities

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Staying Ready For Entrepreneurial Opportunities

My latest live stream video, I speak on staying ready for software related entrepreneurial opportunities. Developing this non-technical skill is vital to the success of your self-employment venture.  The video above breaks it down better but it boils down to these simple principles:

  1. Identify A Problem

    Opportunities are all around your community in the form of problems. It is your job as the entrepreneur to find out what these problems are, and create some software to fix them.

  2. Create A Quick Solution

    After you identify the opportunities/problems work like a dog to create an MVP (minimum viable product) to address the concerns,  and give it those who need it.

  3. Improve That Solution Often

    Your work isn’t finished after you publish the MVP, in fact it hasn’t even begun! Iterate often, preferably every day and add features that will enhance your body of work.

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