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Today I Began Teaching My Kids How To Code

Those of you who have been following my content creation journey since the beginning may remember my children being on my live streams.  They are finally learning how to code this summer by making video games! Follow us over the next couple of months as we make VR games using the Babylon.js framework.

Patrons get behind-the-scenes access to the source code and special content as I teach these two mini geniuses. I continue to thank you all who have supported me, the channel, and the kid coding community.

So what is Babylon.js? It is an amazing Javascript 3D video game framework that uses WebXR and WebGPU technologies to enable us to make web games for the Oculus Quest! Ethan and Moriah will be creating VR dinosaur and unicorn Oculus games this summer. I really hope that if you have kids or know of kids who want to code this summer please have them subscribe to my Youtube channel and check the channel Monday – Friday this summer and participate in the live stream! All you need is a code editor and a web browser!

I created a repository on Github for the adventures you can follow along at please feel free to fork and see the daily code updates!

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