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Youtube Outage Was It A Hack?

What’s Up With The YouTube Outage Last Night?

Last night I went live on my multicast server. Facebook was good, Twitch was good but Youtube was not. I was perplexed so I attempted to pull up my creator studio page but Youtube wouldn’t pull up. My suspensions were rising because there was announcements of scheduled maintenance. Couple that with the fact that systems like Youtube are designed to NEVER go down (hello redundancy). I just decided to stream on the other platforms and upload my video whenever the Youtube outage was over.

The world though the Apocalypse was near when YouTube went down.

Eventually Youtube recovered and came back up towards the end of my stream but it really worried me. I believe we as a populace need to consider the possibility that they were the target of a sophisticated hack. As I said before in the paragraph above systems like Youtube are designed to NEVER go down. Google pays millions of dollars a year to hire the world’s best site reliability engineers, no, this was something more than a simple outage.

Cyber Warfare At Its Finest

I have spoken many times in the past on how the United States is not where it needs to be in terms of cyber infrastructure. Many of our government systems are using outdated software and our education system does not place a high emphasis on computer science. We may have the strongest military in the world but what does that mean in an era where an adversary can shut down your power grid or blow up a nuclear reactor from across the globe? Personally I believe it was the same forces who infiltrated our media and influenced our elections. This was a psychological test.  Across the world people were freaking out. 

*YouTube down for 1 or 2 hours*
Everyone goes crazy.#YouTubeDOWN— Jack Armstrong (@jacka_34) October 17, 2018

Whether we want to admit it or not YouTube is a vital system that the world relies on. They have the some of the strongest security measures on the planet. If they can be hacked and taken offline for one hour, then who is next? What happens when Facebook is taken down? All I know is that the thoughts of what could and would happen terrify me.