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Treat Me At Home

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Treat Me At Home

My latest web application is out! Treat Me At Home is an on demand app that connects service providers with people who want services done at their home. This can be anything from requesting a massage or a pedicure, all the way to requesting a tutor or a personal trainer (BTW if you want to book individual programming learning sessions with me, you can book time here). The process is simple: browse providers, book time, pay (credit/debit, Alipay, and Bitcoin accepted), provider comes and perform service.

How Much Does It Cost To Sign Up?

Treat Me At Home is and will always be free to sign up as a service provider. Users who are simply purchasing services don’t need a login.

How Do I Make Money As A Service Provider?

When you sign up as a service provider on Treat Me At Home, you input what services you are offering, how much they costs, and a non-prepaid debit card. When someone books an appointment with you, and payment goes through 92% of the total value gets transferred to your debit card (in most cases instantly). Treat Me At Home retains 5% and there is a payment processor’s fee of ~3% .

Who Can Register As A Service Provider?

Anyone who is 18+ and is legally allowed to perform the services they offer in the state they practice.

Current State

Currently the app isn’t even version 1.0. I asked a few people to beta test the app for me (anyone reading this article feel free to!) Follow the app, recommend it to friends who would sign up and use it! Thank you all for following my endeavors and I appreciate all of you! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get email notifications everytime I post!