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Top Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

Programming Is Even More In Demand In 2020

If you are wanting to become a software engineer or want to expand your coding skill set in order to stay in demand then here are the top 6 programming languages you should learn for 2020. By mastering even one of these languages you can secure your marketability in the IT realm for years to come.


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With Python2.7 officially reaching end of life this year, Python3 is the big dawg on the block now. Python is often touted as one of the easiest languages to learn and often taught to new freshman students at universities and with good reason. Python is used in many fields ranging from scaleable web applications such as Instagram, to machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.


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Java has be solidified in the game for decades now and likely is here to stay. Java is using heavily in enterprise scale web applications and to a lesser extent desktop GUI applications. Java is a truly interoperable programming language that can be used in embedded systems, web systems and mobile systems. You can also use Java to create Android applications although Kotlin is being pushed as the new language of choice.


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Ahhh my personal favorite languages C/C++. If you have an itching for system level programming such as writing operating systems, then I implore you to check out C++. It is used whenever you want bare metal efficiency and is also used highly in enterprise level video game productions such as Unreal Engine. If you want to get dirty and personal with computers, then C/C++ are your choices!


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Javascript has come a long way over the years. Javascript is used in front end web application development to create dynamic web applications. It is also used as a back end language to host web services and as a result you can use one language for a full stack web application. With the advent of web assembly we will start to see javascript used in many unconventional ways. If you have even the slightest inkling of doing web development, then Javascript needs to be on your radar.


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Swift is used for creating iOS applications and is the baby of Apple. If your dream is to become an iOS developer then mastering Swift is a must. Tidbit you must own a Mac in order to do iOS development.


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The last language on the list goes to C#. This is the language used for creating .NET web and embedded applications. If you are a Microsoft junkie then this is the language for you. Many enterprise level companies use C# for their internal and external web operations.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Any Of These

By no means are these the only languages that you should or can learn in 2020 to get a job. I still do PHP development so there is a market for any language. However if you want a wide array of market opportunity I suggest that these be the languages that you focus on. After you get some practice with one of these languages, sign up for Triplebyte and have companies BID ON YOU based on your skillset from a one time technical coding quiz! Also if you need extra guidance on your career path book a 1-on-1 session with me and let me help you!