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All Around Politics

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First App 2017

This last presidential election was something else wasn’t it? Besides the #noChill memes and jaw dropping comments, I noticed a good deal of people spewed their opinions without any substantial evidence to back up their claims! Now the old me would normally not care, but my wife has a political science degree and has sparked a hidden love of politics in me. One night after the election her and I were having a talk about this when she inspired me to create my first app of 2017, All Around Politics. All Around Politics in a news aggregator that only focuses on one thing, political news articles. The platform gathers political news article from left, center, and right wing sources, to give users and fair , balanced, and reliable political news. It also features push notifications for breaking news articles. Currently there is a web app and an android app, the iOS version will be finished soon and this article will be updated to reflect the link. If you sign up for an account on the web site then you will get daily emails with the latest headlines where as if you download the Android (soon iOS as well) app then you will get push notifications with the latest headlines. This app is perfect for those who would like to stay in the know in American and world politics, but doesn’t want to search multiple sources independently. The app is robust and directly links to original sources so there is no miscommunication of information. My hope is that you guys will check it out either via the web address or the mobile app. Please leave comments letting me know your thoughts on the app, and if you can spare the time please write a review on the Google play store, that will help promote the app.