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Write An Charity App With Laravel and Stripe – Getting Started

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Laravel and Stripe, What Are We Writing?

In this fourteen part series we will be creating a charity app using Laravel and Stripe. The premise is, users join and add charities they own, and add a bank account for funds to be deposited into. Other patrons go to the charity’s page and can either give an one-time charitable donation, or they may choose to make a recurring donation of $1.00 or more either daily/weekly/monthly. The main purpose of this app is to teach the fundamentals of Stripe and Stripe Connect. By the end of this series you should understand:

  • How to create a Stripe managed account through Stripe Connect
  • Collect payments on your users’ behalf
  • Pay funds out to users’ bank account
  • Some experience with Laravel Spark

Getting Started

Let’s create a new Laravel installation by issuing the following command in your terminal

laravel new ParkerCharity

afterwards cd into your app and run

spark install

Answer no to the first question asking if you want to run your migrations, and yes to the other two. That’s it for that, next step is MIGRATIONS!