Create A PWA & Android App In 30 Minutes!


Progressive web applications (PWAs) are a type of web application that can run on any browser compatible device that brings mobile and desktop functionality to the web, such as offline functionality, push notifications and more. This new format for web applications is quickly becoming the standard for web development. In this course I will show you how to quickly and effectively create the scripts necessary to turn any web application into a progressive web application.

WebAPK and TWA are Google technologies that allow you to convert your PWA into Android applications. In this course you will learn how to turn any existing web application into a PWA and subsequently convert it into an APK to upload to the Android Play Store!


Progressive Web Application

Or a PWA is the de facto way to bring mobile and desktop functionality to your web application. In this course I take an ordinary web application and using simple online tools, create a progressive web application and deploy to the cloud. This application can then be downloaded on your desktop and or laptop. Progressive web applications allow developers a way to ship and deploy their applications without the need to pay Apple or Google for developer licenses. This lowers the barrier of entry for all developers around the world! Companies such as Twitter and Starbucks are already capitalizing on the benefits of progressive web applications and you can too after taking this course!

What Is The Benefit Of A PWA?

  • Speed – PWAs load faster after initial load because all assets are cached locally.
  • Discoverability – Since PWAs are web applications and contain a manifest.json they are easily indexed on search engines.
  • App Like Experience – Since they take an offline first approach, progressive web applications feel and act like a native mobile app.
  • Always Up To Date – No more waiting for pushed app updates like with Apple or Google. Send your updates to your server and all your clients get an instant update
  • Installable – Get an app icon on your homescreen as if you downloaded from the app store
  • And MORE

This course will show you how to convert your PWA into an APK with no coding required! Generate the source code, signed APK and cerfticate to upload to the Google Play Developer Console! Never have to worry about app store updates again because your app stays in sync with your PWA. Expland your audience and your reach at no additional developer cost!

What’s Include In The Course?

The course comes with videos and software with an example geolocation PWA. The videos are broken down into the following sections:

  • What Is A PWA
  • The Components Of A PWA
  • Using The PWABuilder Tool
  • Turning Your PWA Into An APK Android Application

The Application

The included application is a geolocation PWA that tracks your coordinates, speed, altitude and heading! It makes use of all the features needed for a progressive web application including: service worker, manifest file and is served on an https domain!

What Will I Gain From This Course?

After taking this course you will be able to start pushing out quality production ready progressive web applications at will! For those who are entrepreneurial, this is a game changer as your speed to product will increase dramatically. For those who are looking to enhance their skills for the job market, you will be up to date with the technologies that all the giants are looking for in the web development sphere.


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