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Linux Cheat Sheet


The Linux Cheat Sheet Is Here!

Cheat sheet that provides basic linux commands for networking, files, directories and more. Get your copy today and start mastering the command line!

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Learn The Most Useful Linux Commands

Linux penguin in the flesh

Linux penguin in the flesh

With this linux command cheat sheet you will learn the basic linux commands you will need on a regular basis. Master the terminal. Every software engineer should be well versed in this free open source operating system and I’m here to help you get there. No reason to be scared and shy away from the command line, learn by example and experience the operating system in its fullest capacity!

Why Should I Learn This?

Linux powers the majority of the web that being said if you want to be a developer of any kind, there is a likelihood that at some point in your career you will have to interact with a linux machine. Linux is the most sought after OS in terms of skillset needed by IT companies worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you are a software engineer, a network engineer, a devops engineer or a system administrator, Linux touches them all. This open source operating system is vast and easily the most powerful because the possibilities of what it can do is endless. With this cheat sheet study guide you will learn the most commonly used commands for things such as:

  • directories
  • output
  • files
  • networking
  • search
  • permissions
  • processes
  • getting help
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • and more!

All engineers from all experience levels can benefit from having a quick reference to the commands that they may not use all the time but often enough. If you are a Laravel developer and use Laravel Homestead for development then you already have an environment ready to test with this guide. No one study guide can give you a comprehensive overview of the thousands of commands out there in the open source cosmos, but these 50+ commands can get you well on your way. Order yours today!


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