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About Me

Hey everyone, thank you for taking the time to come to my website! My name is Jyrone Parker, I am a software entrepreneur from Louisville, Kentucky. Ever since I starting writing code at the age of 8 years old I have been in love(obsessed?) with programming. I believe every child should be taught how to code in school, just like how we are taught to type, make spreadsheets and slideshow presentations. Very much the definition of a futurist, I imagine a world where over 50% of the population has adequate coding knowledge and we live in a tech utopia.

I work with many technologies and have worked in the mobile app, web app(fullstack), devops and blockchain spaces. To get a better understanding of what I do and how well I do it check out both my services and resume pages. I am CEO of J Computer Solutions LLC and CTO of The Genius Allegiance LLC and also am a published Android developer.

Currently I am travelling and giving talks on various computer science and entrepreneurship topics. If you are interested please schedule a 15 minute consultation.

My Technologies

I focus primarily on the Laravel/Vue stack with my mobile applications written in NativeScript-Vue. However I have also done senior level DevOps work for clients and am familiar with that side of things as well. In any given week I might use the following:

  • Laravel (PHP)
  • Vue.js (Javascript)
  • Golang
  • Vagrant
  • Docker
  • BASH

The resume section of the website will go into deeper detail about my skillset should you choose to look.

#CodeLife Blog

In addition to being my personal resume website, I host a blog called #CodeLife where I go through various entrepreneur messages, programming tutorials and cover tech events. If there is ever a topic you want discussed, a person you would like to see interviewed or a conference you would like covered let me know at info@jyroneparker.com.

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