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Apple Just Said F*ck Privacy!

Apple Is On One!

A few days ago Apple decided they were going to start an initiative where they are going to scan your photos and messages for child pornography, and if detected will alert law enforcement. We should know by now whenever a company does something under the guise of humanitarianism, that it is a load of BULLSH!T!!!

Apple Is Poising Itself To Be The World’s Biggest Advertiser

Do you think it is coincedence that Apple screwed over advertisers with its decision to allow users to block cross app tracking, now they are mining all of your photos and texts? It would be naive to think that they are not going to be making profiles on all iOS users based off things such as EXIF data in their photos. Oh you like tacos? We know because we look at all your food photos, TAKE THIS AD! Idk what do you all think? Listen to the podcast and leave a comment below!

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Eviction Moratorium & Tech

The Eviction Moratorium Is Up!

With it over 10 million Americans are up for evictions this week and boy have they been coming! In this week’s podcast I discuss how although the COVID-19 pandemic was the main driving focus; this rent eviction moratorium is indicitive of the larger economic landscape shift. The tech economy is driving this shift and with it many people will be financially crushed, while others will rise.

How Is The Eviction Moratorium and Tech Connected?

The evictions are mostly happening in metropolis areas, which also (increasingly) are becoming major tech hubs. What you are witnessing is active gentrification in the works! Does who are unskilled laborers (I hate that term) could not hold a job during the pandemic, thus they struggled to keep up rent, thus they are getting evicted. Those of us in tech have overwhelminly been straight. Who is left to afford to live in the city? High income tech workers. It makes a concentric circle of class. The downtown areas start first, push the poor people back. High income earners start to get cramped downtown, so they move to the suburbs, push those people back, etc, etc until you get an URBANIZATION of rural areas. Mark my words there will be engineers living in those apartments within the next year. If you enjoyed this podcast episdoe be sure to subscribe to it on Apple Podcast, Spotify and everywhere else podcasts are distributed! If you REALLY enjoyed it, consider becoming a patron on Patreon!

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Solo App Developer Digital Asset Portfolio Patron Course

It has been on my mind lately to do a course detailing how to create a sustainable digital asset portfolio as a solo developer. In this new series available exclusively for my patrons, I will go in detail what it takes to create small, yet scalable web/mobile apps that can be maintained by one developer (you) and generate sustainable income!

What Will I Learn?

In this patron exclusive blog series I will go into deep detail on the fundamentals needed to run a solo app empire:

  • How to pick a profitable niche
  • Choosing a business model
  • Researching the competition
  • SEO and marketing

  • And much more

Patrons get exclusive access to interact with me and ask questions about any of the course material.

When Will It Be Available?

Instead of releasing it all at once I have decided to release the course one topic a week as a patron only article. This way it gives all of my patrons time to digest the information and ask any questions they may have. The course is open to all levels of patronage so be sure to enroll by next Friday to get day 1 access. Also if you aren’t following me on Twitter do so @mastashake08 for more announcements and info regarding the course!

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Creating A Twitter Follow Bot With Node and Twit.js

Automate Your Following With A Twitter Follow Bot

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (if you don’t @mastashake08) knows that I’m pretty active. Currently I’m on my way to 10K followers but sometimes my TL looks kinda dry. One of the best things about Twitter is that I learn alot of new information from the people I follow. Yet I don’t have the time to actively look for new people. Time for a #CodeLife trick.

Filtering Statuses With Twit

If you read my article on Creating a Discord Twitter Bot then alot of this code will look familiar to you. I’m going to stream a list of filtered statuses that use the hashtags #BlackTechTwitter and #CodeLife and whoever sends those tweets I will automatically follow them. So let’s begin by creating a new directory and adding our dependecies

mkdir follow-bot
cd follow-bot && npm install dotenv twit
touch search-follow.js

This will create a new directory, cd into it and install the dotenv and twit dependencies. Dotenv allows us to use a .env file to hold our secret values for our Twitter creditenials safely and twit is the Twitter javascript library. Lastly we created an empty js file where we will hold our code. Open it up and input the following.

const Twit = require('twit')

var T = new Twit({
  consumer_key:         process.env.TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY,
  consumer_secret:      process.env.TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET,
  access_token:         process.env.TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN,
  access_token_secret:  process.env.TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET,
  timeout_ms:           60*1000,  // optional HTTP request timeout to apply to all requests.
  strictSSL:            true,     // optional - requires SSL certificates to be valid.
var stream ='statuses/filter', { track: ['#blacktechtwitter', '#codelife'], language: 'en' })

stream.on('tweet', function (tweet) {
  var user = tweet.user;
  try {'friendships/create', {screen_name: user.screen_name})
    console.log('Followed ' + user.screen_name)
  } catch (error) {

The first lines we are requiring our dependencies and after we initialize the Twit object with out Twitter API creds stored in .env

Next we set a stream variable that will hold our filtered statuses tracking the list of hashtags.

Since the stream is event-driven we listen for the ‘tweet’ event which holds our Tweet object. We grab the screen_name of the user who tweeted and make a request to the ‘friendships/create’ endpoint which is what creates the following!

See how simple that was! If you enjoyed this article consider becoming a patron to get exclusive content! Get the source code here.

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WebTransport Is A Game Changer For Gaming

If You Haven’t Heard Of WebTransport

It is a new standard that provides bidirectional data transport over HTTP/3. In many cases, it can replace WebSocket and WebRTC with less overhead. It has two APIs that come with it, one for sending data unreliably with Datagram API and one reliably with the Stream API. In this article I will explain what WebTransport is, and how it will affect web gaming! If you want access to my member’s only article where I build a HTTP/3 server in Go and WebTransport client become a patron today.

Why Is WebTransport Such A Big Deal?

WebTransport is built on top of HTTP/3 which means it runs over QUIC. Without going into too much technical detail this equates to lower overhead and faster more reliable connections. It is also bidirectional meaning you can read and write data to the server. The cool thing to me though is how you can send data reliably (with streams similar to websockets) AND unreliably via datagrams!

Imagine you are making a multiplayer shooting game with 64 players. In coding terms you need this data to come as fast as possible right? Well at first glance you might think that a reliable data stream would be the best right? After all if all the players are shooting one character you want the damage to come in order right? WRONG! You do that and you are at the behest of the slowest network in the game. By sending datagrams you get best effort delivery (let’s be honest only ~1-5% of traffic is lost in these types of connections) so you won’t block the other connections.

Since WebTransport is Client-Server this is a no brainer for real-time multiplayer web games! Low latency is a must!

What’s Next?

WebTransport is still in it’s early stages but I will be following up with a YouTube video and a follow up blog where I will build a WebTransport server and client application! If you aren’t following me on Twitter do so @mastashake08