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Apple Just Said F*ck Privacy!

Apple Is On One!

A few days ago Apple decided they were going to start an initiative where they are going to scan your photos and messages for child pornography, and if detected will alert law enforcement. We should know by now whenever a company does something under the guise of humanitarianism, that it is a load of BULLSH!T!!!

Apple Is Poising Itself To Be The World’s Biggest Advertiser

Do you think it is coincedence that Apple screwed over advertisers with its decision to allow users to block cross app tracking, now they are mining all of your photos and texts? It would be naive to think that they are not going to be making profiles on all iOS users based off things such as EXIF data in their photos. Oh you like tacos? We know because we look at all your food photos, TAKE THIS AD! Idk what do you all think? Listen to the podcast and leave a comment below!

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