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Eviction Moratorium & Tech

The Eviction Moratorium Is Up!

With it over 10 million Americans are up for evictions this week and boy have they been coming! In this week’s podcast I discuss how although the COVID-19 pandemic was the main driving focus; this rent eviction moratorium is indicitive of the larger economic landscape shift. The tech economy is driving this shift and with it many people will be financially crushed, while others will rise.

How Is The Eviction Moratorium and Tech Connected?

The evictions are mostly happening in metropolis areas, which also (increasingly) are becoming major tech hubs. What you are witnessing is active gentrification in the works! Does who are unskilled laborers (I hate that term) could not hold a job during the pandemic, thus they struggled to keep up rent, thus they are getting evicted. Those of us in tech have overwhelminly been straight. Who is left to afford to live in the city? High income tech workers. It makes a concentric circle of class. The downtown areas start first, push the poor people back. High income earners start to get cramped downtown, so they move to the suburbs, push those people back, etc, etc until you get an URBANIZATION of rural areas. Mark my words there will be engineers living in those apartments within the next year. If you enjoyed this podcast episdoe be sure to subscribe to it on Apple Podcast, Spotify and everywhere else podcasts are distributed! If you REALLY enjoyed it, consider becoming a patron on Patreon!

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