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InstaTorrent Stream Is Live

What Is InstaTorrent Stream?

InstaTorrent Stream is my latest web app that allows file transfers browser to browser with the power of Webtorrent. There are no file size restrictions and it is free to use forever. InstaTorrent Stream offers the following features:

  • Unlimited file sizes doesn’t matter if it is 2 megabytes or 2 terabytes
  • Serverless, all transactions are browser to browser for a more secure experience
  • All file types are supported
  • Don’t want to download a file? Stream it right in the browser (perfect for large video files)
  • Built on top of webtorrent which is built on top of bittorrent, the more people that download the file, the better throughput and lower latency.
  • Progressive Web App if you are on mobile try adding to home screen 🙂

This app is perfect for business and personal use cases. Need to send your friend your latest recording? Use InstaTorrent Stream! Need to send a large .iso file? Use InstaTorrent Stream! The possibilities and use cases are only limited to your imagination.

How Did The Idea Come About?

I was very intrigued by the WebRTC specification so I started looking at open source projects that incorporated WebRTC. In my search I stumbled upon a project that implements the bittorrent protocol in the web. I am a huge advocate for bittorrent, and now that we can write bittorrent applications in the web, we have taken a huge step to the redecentralization of the web. I wanted to create a platform where people can share and download magnet files without having to download dedicated software. I also recognize that not everybody will want to download said files so I wanted to make an app that will allow streaming.

How Does It Work?

The app is dirt simple! If you are the sender simply choose the file (drag and drop is supported) you want to send and you will receive a link to your file
InstaTorrent Stream Sender
As the file receiver you can either click on said link or if they know the magnet link already just paste it in Receive File box and hit download. If it is a streamable file it will appear in the right hand Preview box
instatorrent stream receiver
Once the file completes downloading you can then save to your harddrive. This app works across desktop/mobile/tablet although some iOS users may experience some issues (blame Apple not me!).

Future Features

As time allows me I will be adding new features to this app including but not limited to :

  • The ability to see what torrents are actively streaming
  • The ability to show multiple files in the stream preview
  • Paid subscription based version to allow people to store their files so they can seed without having to have their browser open
  • And MORE!

It is my hope that you will support me and use the app at least once or at the minimum share on your social media. InstaTorrent Stream is only the first of many mini projects I plan of putting out this year and I hope you enjoy them all!

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