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Blockchain Development

Da Hongfei Creator of NEO and I at NEODevCon 2019

With a heavy focus on NEO blockchain development, I create smart contracts. I have actually been in the cryptocurrency space since 2010 and believe it is the future of a lot of industries.


Nathen Harvey, Developer Advocate @ Google

I have done senior level devops work for many companies such as Apple and Sephora. Although my main focus is software development, my hybrid experience enables me to see problems from both frames of mind which can directly relate to lower costs for my clients.

Web Application Development

My bread, butter and passion! I am a distinguished fullstack software engineer. My primary stack is Laravel/Vue.js however I work with the following web technologies:

  • Laravel
  • Vue
  • Express
  • Django
  • React

Mobile Application Development

Working with the NativeScript and ReactNative frameworks I can ensure you quality work when it comes to mobile applications. If you want to see some of my work check out my Google Play account. Generally prototypes are created within 10 – 12 business weeks.

Interested In My Services?

The best way to get in touch with me is to schedule a 15 minute meeting with me to discuss the project and its needs. To schedule a meeting head to the following link.

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