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Progressive a PWA is the de facto way to bring mobile and desktop functionality to your web application. In this course I take an ordinary web application and using simple online tools, create a progressive web application and deploy to the cloud. This application can then be downloaded on your desktop and or laptop. Progressive web applications allow developers a way to ship and deploy their applications without the need to pay Apple or Google for developer licenses. This lowers the barrier of entry for all developers around the world! Companies such as Twitter and Starbucks are already capitalizing on the benefits of progressive web applications and you can too after taking this course!

PWAs can be converted into android APK files to be distributed on the Google Play Store! This course will teach you how to create both in 30 minutes!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Web developers who want their apps to use cutting edge technology. Also web devs who create and distrubte Android applications.

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Learning Path

This lesson goes over the definition of a PWA and what defines support it.

In this lesson I go over the necessary components needed to convert a traditional web application into a Progressive Web Application.

Learn how to create your PWA files using the free PWABuilder tool!

Finally learn how to convert your PWA into an APK to upload to the Google Play Store using the free pwa2apk tool!

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