Jyrone Parker

Marqueeta H. CEO of Ageless Glamour Girls

How Was Your Experience With Jyrone Parker?


Jyrone Parker, the consummate professional, is undeniably a Star in the tech world.  Jyrone is in the process of building a website for my blog, Ageless Glamour Girls, and he’s doing a phenomenal job.  He’s extremely knowledgeable about Word Press, websites and all-things Tech. Anything technical is a huge learning curve for me, but thankfully, Jyrone explains the process, while keeping it in layman’s terms.  He makes it look so easy.  Additionally, he goes beyond just building the website, and shares his knowledge and advice on marketing, analytics and any other elements that help novices, such as me, have a better grasp on what’s required to build a great brand through social media. Jyrone is the truth! ‘Looking forward to the finished product!


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