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From N00b To Artisan E-Book (Presale)


Do you have a dream of becoming a senior software engineer for a Fortune 500 company? Perhaps you want to start your own startup? Well before you can do either of those things you must learn how to code. My new e-book “From N00b To Artisan” will do just that! Targeted for those who have never coded before, this book takes you through the process of building 3 fullstack progressive web apps with Laravel and Vue.js. By the end of the book you will have a full github portfolio to show to potential employers that you are capable of programming with the best. Now until May 1st, 2018 you can pre-order the book for the low price of $10. That is a 50% discount! All pre-orders will receive an email link May 1st to download the book and also receive a coupon to my store! Do not wait nor hesitate to invest in your future NOW!


New Book

I am excited to introduce my first ever e-book “From N00b To Artisan” is an introduction to fullstack web development using the Laravel PHP framework and the Vue.js Javascript framework. Written with the newbie coder in mind “From N00b To Artisan” teaches the reader the industry best practices for software engineering through making 3 full stack web apps including but not limited to:

  • Design patterns such as SOLID
  • Development tools such as git, VMs and more
  • API design and management

At the end you will have a github portfolio with 3 full stack applications that you can demonstrate to potential employers or set the ground work for you to build and develop your own start up! Each app will cover different aspects of enterprise web app development. You will work with payment systems, real time notifications, building and using APIs plus more. Each step broken down into simple and easy to understand instructions. Each app in the book has the corresponding source code on my github account as well as live production versions of said app so you can easily have visual references to the applications.

Everything in this book I have learned being a senior software engineer for Apple, Sephora and others. By the time you finish this book you will be confident applying for fullstack web positions or starting your own software startup. Invest in your future for the one-time cost of a lunch! Take advantage of this pre sale now all orders will receive a link to download the book as well as a special coupon to my store. The book doesn’t officially come out until June 21st, 2018 so all pre orders will receive first dibs emails with the instructions to download the e-book.


Want To Win A Free Copy?

I am giving away 3 free copies of “From N00b To Artisan” in order to win you must

  1. Follow @mastashake08 on Twitter
  2. Tag me in a tweet with you promoting the book with the hashtag #FromN00bToArtisan
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