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1:1 Learn To Code W/ Jyrone Parker


Learn to code from an ex Apple engineer! Web development and Python tracks available.



Who Will This 1:1 Benefit?

Any aspiring software developer who is trying to either get a top tech job or trying to create their own apps.:

What Will Be Gained?

Whether you  choose the web development or the Pyrhon track you will learn the fundamentals of software design and the industry best practices. This 10 day bootcamp will instill in you what you need to go forth and create something great.

1:1 Session Structure

The 1:1 sessions follow a particular structure to help facilitate smooth consistent process:

  • 75 minute video chat
  • Short, medium and long term strategy planning session
  • Digital portfolio review and analysis
  • Follow up and accountability session (21 days after)






Additional information

Learning Type

Virtual, In Person


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