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The Source Code From N00b To Artisan

This boilerplate code that comes directly from my video course “From N00b To Artisan” offers an intermediate foundation for any e-commerce application. It processes all payments using the Stripe platform. All downloads come with 90 day code support.


Sometimes The Source Code Is All You Need

Perhaps the video course is more than what you need and you are just interested in the e-commerce boilerplate “Lemonade Stand”. This Laravel 5.7 + Vue 2 application has everything an aspiring developer needs to begin creating a simple e-commerce web application. Using Stripe as the payment processor you can rest assured that all payments will be handled safely and securely. Whether you are selling lemonade, cookies or what-have-you the Lemonade Stand boilerplate will require little effort to customize to suit your application needs. This code comes directly from my video course “From N00b To Artisan” and is the final product from the end of the series.


What Is Included?

The digital download contains all the source code from my video course “From N00b To Artisan”. It can be installed on any Laravel compatible server and run instantly. The following are the instructions for running the application:

  • unzip package
  • run composer install
  • run npm install
  • run php artisan migrate
  • run php artisan passport:install
  • Enjoy 🙂

I Don’t Plan On Selling Lemonade…Why Do I Need This?

This app is more of a boilerplate than anything else. Will a little editing this lemonade stand can be transformed into a shoe store, or a bakery shop or any other e-commerce application. If you are looking a quickstart to your next application than look no further! With things like OAuth and Stripe already in place you can focus on core application logic. What’s even better is that because this application is API driven you can easily extend your backend to a mobile application! Save yourself hours of work and focus on what is important.

Does This Download Come With Support?

Yes! 90 day support is provided to all purchases. This means you have the first 90 days to directly ask me questions at no cost to you!

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