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WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy


A great way to get your children coding at an early age COJI is a smart toy that is programmable via emojis! Using the mobile app, children learn the foundations and basics of coding as well as other STEM skills. It comes with a companion app that communicates with the COJI via Bluetooth, however you can enjoy it with or without the app. Let this under $30 investment in your children’s future start now!

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Learn to code with Emojis

Smiley faces and other emoticons are familiar to kids and adults alike. With Coji, you can string emojis together with arrows and images and you have a set of commands that kids all over the world can learn to use, regardless of their language or reading level.

Send Coji commands

Your junior coder will have fun controlling Coji. Send Coji a set of recorded commands and he’ll react by moving around, making funny sounds, and displaying different emojis on his screen.

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