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  1. Start investing in apps and living a code life today! With your Code Life membership you will receive exclusive info from me on a monthly basis how to live a code life. This includes:
  • app picks of the month
  • invitation to my discord channel with a special role
  • access to my weekly close entrepreneur call.
  • 50% off my 1:1 consultations.

The future of investing is digital assets. Join a network of engineers, investors and visionaries to grow, network and make money with.


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What Is Code Life?


The idea that you can live a relatively stress free life off the back of technology. It includes making a living from apps, using automation to make your life easier and taking a tech first approach to life as a whole. We are a group of engineers, investors and visionaries living a residual life through investing in apps.

What Comes With The Membership?

When you buy a Code Life membership you get access to my monthly app picks. This is a monthly newsletter that showcases an app or website that I think is a good buy in terms of residual income or growth. I break down the pros and cons of each product as well as why I believe it is a good asset for your digital portfolio. You also get a special role in my discord channel with access to member only chats. Start app investing today and build residual wealth with the knowledge you will gain!

What Is The Average Cost To Buy An App?

Cost of app investing

How much does it cost to get started investing in apps and start living a code life?

The cost to buy an app can be as little as a few hundred dollars all the way up to several million. For the focus of the Code Life group I will concentrate on apps from the $500 – $50,000 range. The Code Life group encourages group investing so you always have a network to make money with. There are also some picks of the day that are bid based and are likely to change from the time that the pieces are written.


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