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Treat Me At Home

Treat Me At Home

My latest web application is out! Treat Me At Home is an on demand app that connects service providers with people who want services done at their home. This can be anything from requesting a massage or a pedicure, all the way to requesting a tutor or a personal trainer (BTW if you want to book individual programming learning sessions with me, you can book time here). The process is simple: browse providers, book time, pay (credit/debit, Alipay, and Bitcoin accepted), provider comes and perform service. Featured in this years TNW 2017 conference in Amsterdam, Treat Me At Home is sure to be talked about this year.

Earn Money As A Service Provider

Anybody can sign up as a service provider and start advertising your services. I useΒ Stripe (the same provider Uber and Lyft use to pay their drivers) as my payment processor so you can rest assured your payment and banking information is kept safe. Providers can offer subscriptions and coupons as well as one time services for loyal customers or if you are trying to gain new customers. Treat Me At Home gives power and control back to the service provider. Charge whatever you want and you will receive that amount when someone books time with you. We accomplish this by adding an application fee on top of what you charge, thus negating the need to take a cut from you. Couple this with the fact that the platform is free to use there is no reason why anyone should not sign up to make part time or full time income.

Enjoy The Perks Of Being A Customer

For those who rather not sign up to be a service provider, should sign up instead as a customer. When you become a customer a small percentage of each purchase is added to your loyalty bank, as those loyalty dollars add up, you can use said dollars to buy time with other service providers, saving you money! These are things that you are going to have done anyway, so why go out when you can Treat Me At Home?

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