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Tech Talk – Net Neutrality, Uber Hacks and Bitcoin’s Latest Price Hike

Net Neutrality Is Under Fatal Attack

Ajit Pai the Republican head of the F.C.C. appointed by President Donald J. Trump has announced today he has decided to go ahead with proceedings to repeal net neutrality with a vote set on December 14, 2017. Net neutrality in a nutshell is a promise that all data on the internet is treated equally, if you want to read on it more here is an excellent website.

“Under my proposal, the federal government will stop micromanaging the internet,” Mr. Pai said in a statement. “Instead, the F.C.C. would simply require internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that’s best for them.”

Mr. Pai argues that killing the democracy of the internet is good only if we are given choices from our dictators… it. For those of you who might read this and think net neutrality isn’t that big of a deal or that it’s going to be “great for competition and innovation” have not paid attention to the course of history. Whenever you give corporations more power they almost always use that power to further their profit. As of right now due to an Obama-era regulation broadband internet is treated as a public utility similar to electricity and water, doing so places consumer protections on us to safeguard from abuse of power. You think your internet bill is high now? Just wait until the repeal goes into effect.

Uber Is Once Again In The Headlines


Uber logo

It has come to surface that ride-sharing company Uber was the target of a hack in 2013 that stole the emails, names, and physical addresses of more that 57 million riders and drivers! While that is bad in of itself that it took so longer to come to light we can expect this from large companies now (Yahoo, Equifax, etc.). No, what’s REALLY bad is the fact that instead of going through proper legal means to deal with the hack, they paid the hackers $100,000 to destroy the data that they stole. You read that right they paid a ransom and just trusted that the problem would just poof go away! The company told on itself in a blog entry posted by the current CEO. Now I don’t know about you but I’m going to think twice before using Uber again they have a horrible track record as far as scandal is concerned and I value my data not being stolen. This is why it is very important we start teaching our children computer science so we can deal with and understand the magnitude of events such as this.

Bitcoin ABOVE $8000

Yesterday was a very interesting day for my BTC portfolio! Bitcoin surged above $8000 for the first time! Mark my words Bitcoin will reach above $10K before the spring of 2018. It’s now or never to get in the game if you want to get started with your own custom real-time trading application I can personally do that for you just send an email to attach your phone number and I will personally give you a call!


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The Double Edge Sword Of Automation

Automation Is All Around Us

It’s growing at an unprecedented rate but are we well equipped for this change? In today’s tech talk I speak on the double edge sword of automation, how it can help and hurt a society. I speak on two main examples of automation and how they may/will affect our economy, first is Tesla’s decision to get into the self driving semi truck business, and secondly Bill Gates’ decision to create a smart city.

Tesla’s Trucks

Tesla has announced it has been working on a new self driving semi truck that can form ‘platoons’ with other self driving trucks and follow a lead vehicle. Elon Musk has already met with the Nevada and California Department Of Motor Vehicles to discuss future tests and implementations. This new autonomous fleet will be able (in theory) to run 24/7 when on route cutting down on the number of drivers needed and allowing them to rest while en route eliminating the need for rest stops.

Bill Gates’ Smart City

Arizona West Valley

Bill Gates just spent $80 million to purchase 25000 acres in Arizona’s West Valley about 45 minutes outside downtown Phoenix. He plans on building a smart city. His city will be named Belmont, named after his investment firm Belmont Partners. “Belmont will create a forward-thinking community with a communication and infrastructure spine that embraces cutting-edge technology, designed around high-speed digital networks, data centers, new manufacturing technologies and distribution models, autonomous vehicles and autonomous logistics hubs,”.Automation will play a key factor in this utopia of tech, think Futurama type of automation. It’s very interesting to see how this will play out.

The Flip Side

I am all for automation, I think it’s the way of the future and that it is inherently beneficial to society. However I don’t believe our society is adapting at the rate it needs to in order to keep up with automation. Let’s start with Tesla, given the current economic set up what do you think would happen if 90% (you can’t automate every body out of a job) of truckers lost their jobs to automated semi trucks? You do realize that there are 8.7 MILLION truck related jobs right out of which 3.5 million are actual truckers. Now that’s ~1% of the population, imagine that income, that tax revenue just stopping because they were put out of a job and we didn’t have training programs in place to help them transition to another career? Just as jobs are being taken by automation they also open up more specialized jobs that typically pay more than the job they automated, however we as a society need to spend more time training ourselves for it.
Let’s switch back to Bill Gates. The economy of this smart city is obviously going to be tech driven, which means high paying jobs, high net worth homes/neighborhoods, basically a wealthy city. What’s that going to do to the surrounding economies, including Phoenix? As Belmont gets more and more expensive people will move out to cheaper areas, until they get more expensive. If you don’t believe me look at Silicon Valley prior to the .com era! We must be careful to not let automation lead to gentrification but that will only happen if we are vigilant. If you want to get started as a software engineer check out my post about it here! Like/Subscribe/SHARE and leave your comments below!

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Why Is The Black Community Afraid Of Technology?

Blacks In IT

It’s no secret that blacks lack a strong presence in the information technology space, in today’s video I discuss why that is, and how the IT field can revolutionize the black economic landscape.  In this live stream I discuss with the audience the stigma in the black community that we don’t belong in the STEM field in general, and debunking that myth. Some of the pioneers in the IT/CS field have been black, for example the man who wrote the mathematics to make internet communication was black. One of the lead engineers who created the first gigahertz processor was black, and of course we have all seen Hidden Figures. The Computing Research Association did an excellent article on the state of blacks in tech . I explain how President Trump’s executive order calling for the modernization of the federal IT infrastructure and how that is a long handing opportunity for black people to get into the field and more.  Join me every Tuesday and Thursday for my #TechTallk live and participate in the discussions!
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Tech Talk #1 – Welcome To Tech Talk

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Welcome To My First Tech Talk

Every Tuesday and Thursday I do #TechTalk a live stream show where I speak generally about technology. In the first episode I give a brief introduction into Tech Talk, my trip to Amsterdam, Euro tech scene vs. USA tech scene and more! Please like and subscribe to my channel to get real time notifications when I go live. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, but you missed the live stream, follow me on Twitter @mastashake08 and tweet to me using the hashtag #TechTalkTuesday or #TechTalkThursday. I will get to them on the next show! Lastly subscribe to this blog to get updates whenever I post!

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Jyrone Parker Live – Intro Into HTML5

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What Is HTML5?

HTML5 is the newest standard of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) which is the language used to define webpages. All webpages, including the one you are using to read this article is made up of HTML. HTML documents are text files that end with an extension .htm or .html HTML documents are made up of opening and closing tags that usually follow the convention

Stuff between tag

I say usually because as you will see in the above video some tags don’t require a closing tag. HTML can also be used in conjunction with CSS and Javascript to create stunning mobile apps using hybrid development. In this video I explain what HTML is, how to create a simple webpage and good resources to follow through with. If you haven’t already subscribe to my Youtube channel to get real time updates on when I go live!

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Jyrone Parker Live – Buidling Our First PHP Application (Fibonacci)

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What Better Assignment Than Fibonacci?

Since I am finished with the beginning into to PHP videos I found it imperative to do a stream putting everything together and showing you how easy it is to write an app. In today’s live stream I create a Fibonacci app, for those who are not familiar with the Fibonacci sequence there is a great wiki here. In this application I demonstrate variables, control flow logic, exception handling, and function design. All my code can be seen on my Github here or you can view it below in text or on video

$input = '';
$running = true;
echo calculateFib($input) . "\n";
catch(Exception $e){
echo "Message: {$e->getMessage()}";
function getInput(&$input){
$input = readline("Please input your number or q to quit: ");
function calculateFib($input){
if(intval($input) < 0){
throw new Exception("Input must be greater than zero! \n");
elseif($input === 'q' || $input === 'Q'){
if(intval($input) === 0 || intval($input) === 1){
return 1;
return calculateFib($input-1) + calculateFib($input - 2);


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Jyrone Parker Live – Staying Ready For Entrepreneurial Opportunities

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Staying Ready For Entrepreneurial Opportunities

My latest live stream video, I speak on staying ready for software related entrepreneurial opportunities. Developing this non-technical skill is vital to the success of your self-employment venture.  The video above breaks it down better but it boils down to these simple principles:

  1. Identify A Problem

    Opportunities are all around your community in the form of problems. It is your job as the entrepreneur to find out what these problems are, and create some software to fix them.

  2. Create A Quick Solution

    After you identify the opportunities/problems work like a dog to create an MVP (minimum viable product) to address the concerns,  and give it those who need it.

  3. Improve That Solution Often

    Your work isn’t finished after you publish the MVP, in fact it hasn’t even begun! Iterate often, preferably every day and add features that will enhance your body of work.

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Jyrone Parker Live – Intro To Databases

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Intro To Databases

This live stream focuses on databases. A database is a container of imformation of sorts. It is what allows websites to be dynamic instead of static. Learn how to create a database, how to add tables to the database, how to update data in the database and how to delete data out of the database.
This stream is significant because it signifies the last beginner PHP live stream. Going forward we are creating PHP projects and building upon our knowledge set. Then I will go on and teach you guys some HTML/CSS/Javascript and move on to the Laravel framework.
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Jyrone Parker Live – Exceptions/Error Handling

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Exceptions and Error Handling

Continuing in the PHP tutorials I am showing you how to throw exceptions and handle errors in PHP. Often times when you are building software you have to account for when things go wrong. To ensure the best experience for your user, you want the application to gracefully handle those errors instead of crashing and leaving the user quizzically stumped. This is where exceptions come in. If you account for the cases where things might break and throw an exception then you can use the try/catch  control structure to catch said exceptions and handle them accordingly. A quick example is such:

function getRandomRange($min,$max){
if($min < 0){
throw new Exception("Min must be greater than 0");
if($max > 10000){
throw new Exception("Max must be less than 10000");
return rand($min,$max);
php exceptions.php $mix $max
echo getRandomRange($argv[1],$argv[2]) . "\n";
catch(Exception $e){
echo $e->getMessage()."\n";

Exceptions are part of the global PHP namespace and you can even create your own version on an exception that extends from the Exception class. If you didn’t get a chance to watch my live stream on the subject I talk about it more in depth, you can find it below
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