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Recap Of 2019 & What’s Next For 2020

2019 Has Been A Wild Ride

That is an understatement! 2019 has been heaven as well as hell. Both professionally and personally I have been through a lot, learned a lot, built a lot and reaped a lot. I owe a great deal of my success this year to you, my subscribers and followers. Without further ado this is my recap of 2019.

My Patreon Is Live

I have created a patreon to support my content creation and side projects, I am asking my followers to give at least $1 and become a patron. If 10% of my followers do this I can dedicate all my time to creating free tutorials and live streams dedicated to open source technologies and entrepreneurship. Not only that but patrons at the $10/month level and up get first look access to all of my side projects and startups before anyone else!

Apps Apps APPS!

I have been putting out PWAs (progressive web apps) and Android apps out like nobody’s business! I found out about this awesome website that allows me to generate an APK from a PWA in a few simple clicks! This has honestly been good for me mentally to get these ideas out of my head and clear my backlog. In 2020 I am looking forward to renewing my Apple developer account and port over these NativeScript apps over to iOS.

To check out my android apps head over to my android developer page. Two of my most proud web/mobile apps I made were Trusts Generator which allows anyone to easily create a trust for estate planning purposes; and Quick Fix Credit which allows anyone to dispute fraudulent items on their credit report with ease.

Twitch Was Fun….I’m Going Back To Youtube

If you haven’t subscribed to my channel head on over and do so. I will be doing more in depth computer science videos such as explaining various algorithms and design patterns. I will go more into the theory of computer science as well. This is because these topics transcend things such as what is the best web framework to learn for 2020.

With that being said I will still be doing live stream coding sessions but they will be reserved for my patrons. These livestreams will be focused on full scale projects, everything from the coding, to the deployment, to the marketing campaigns.

2020 Is Focused On Me

I had an epiphany this year. I’ve spent most of my life writing code for other people, and haven’t spent any time growing what I have that already works. I already have apps that are making me money without me putting in any advertising or redevelopment. I’ve been lazy and just collecting the checks but I have opportunities to let these fully take care of me….I’M SLIPPING!

With that being said I am no longer taking any additional clients for 2020. I am fully committed to growing my brand and my businesses. As much as I enjoy writing code, I cannot continue to give my time and energy to others and forsake my calling. 2020 is looking like a clear vision and I cannot wait to go into it with you all my followers and fans.

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